Post-modern project documentation.

It’s been a long time since the first web page I put on the internet in 1995. At that time having a web page was a novelty and oddity and much more. I’ve maintained a web presence in the past, and I suppose I always will in the future. Even with the progression to social media being the dominant form of online expression, the individual web-site and blog seems the most powerful way to communicate meaningful technology.

My day job keeps me very busy and my home life too. But I manage to still entertain myself with doing additional side projects. I’ve gotten so much entertainment and inspiration from following others’ content through hackaday and all the sites it links that I feel it is time that I contribute back. I don’t know if this will be a success or just another time-starved and transient fancy.

More recently blondihacks, big mess of wires, and magic-1 were inspiring because the projects are documented, including all the failures, the steps and decisions that are made. These are the most interesting part of any project but they are usually wiped away by the desire to make one’s project look clean and pure.  The individual exploration to learn things is definitely the cause of innovation. It is impossible for someone to tell you the right answer and actually learn as much as discovering that right answer on your own. However, reading someone’s trials and tribulations is perhaps a happy medium.

Showing the final product vs showing the evolution that got to the final project is perhaps the purest expression of modernity vs post-modernity that I have experienced. It seems in engineering, as in life, the absolute truth is fleeting. The quality of your engineered product is more measured by your original design goals and how you approached them.

With that heady and precocious start, I promise to have some real content in the future.